The Real McCoy?

As far as those first impressions go in Bucs Training Camp, nobody is making bigger statements than Gerald McCoy. Before his Twitter statements, you had McCoy's early Fashion statement where he arrived on the eve of camp decked out in full kimono mode. Why kimono? “Well, I had to get the Kimono, man. I went over to Tokyo and Kyoto, and then I went to Hong Kong. I [saw] people walking up and down the street and I was saying, ‘I’m stealing all y’all’s swag and I’m taking it to One Buc.," McCoy said. "It had to make it to One Buc. I just like it. It was comfortable. It feels much better than the bathrobe, I promise you that.”

These days, the Bucs All-Pro is changing up more than his wardrobe. He's also changing up his seemingly 24/7 all smiles good guy image where recently on social media his tweets leading up to camp where not "the real McCoy" that we're used to.

Here's a sample:

"No more being quiet. I'm done holding my tongue. Believe that!!"

OK? But there was more....

"You try and try with people but they don't get it. They push you and push you until you cross that line. Well line crossed!!" And then there's this from McCoy..... "They won appreciate you until you're gone. Soon enough though. Then we'll see."

Wow a lot to digest there. Just having a bad day Gerald?

McCoy cut loose on social media like he sometimes does on opposing quarterbacks? But where is the angst coming from? Is it originating from former Bucs great Ronde Barber insinuating to the Tampa Bay Times that McCoy can't be a leader because he's not the alpha dog like Warren Sapp and John Randle? McCoy isn't revealing the source of his bitterness, where when pressed was hardly as colorful in front of the media as he was typing into his Twitterverse. “Well, sometimes you’ve just got to say what you’ve got to say. Whatever y’all think it means is what it means. I’m going to let y’all decide what it means and write whatever you want," McCoy replies. But who were the tweets directed to? “Whoever you think it was directed to. Whoever crossed your mind when you read that, that’s who it was directed to.” Were they aimed at Barber? “If you think it was directed to Rondé, but I never said that.”

It's hard to find fault with McCoy's first seven years with the Bucs, where he's been a five time Pro Bowler, but if you're gonna be a leader on a football team this just doesn't cut it. This Bucs team has enough outside noise with the hundreds of Hard Knocks cameras around they don't need one of their leaders to go on a twitter tear of how he's not appreciated and when asked about--- just continues the narrative by not addressing the problem. One problem for McCoy is the endless expectations. He's ten times the person Warren Sapp is but for many he will never be the player Sapp was. “Listen, since I’ve been drafted to Tampa, I’ve been receiving criticism because you’ve got Lee Roy Selmon and you’ve got Warren Sapp and now it’s me. I’m supposed to be the next coming of whatever," McCoy said. "If you don’t live up to whatever everybody expects you to be then you’re going to get criticism"

At that moment though, McCoy seemed to shed the bitterness and said something a veteran leader should: "But that’s not just me, that’s Jameis, it’s Doug, it’s Mike, it’s D-Jack [DeSean Jackson], it’s OJ [Howard] now, it’s whoever. Everybody wants you to be a certain way and if you aren’t what they think you should be then it’s not enough. But, as long as everyone in this building cares about each other and we are enough to each other, that’s all that matters.” Exactly, the Bucs don't need a Tweeting Gerald McCoy to cry on social media about how much he's getting disrespected.They need him to pressure the quarterback, stuff the run and keep his feelings in check.

McCoy should know that by now.

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