Bucs fans whether you like it or not--you have been forced to become a patient posse.

Sure waiting an extra week to see your hyped up 2017 teams is one thing (thanks Irma) but the wait has been much longer for a strong start.

The last time this team started the season with two straight wins Barry Bonds was still hitting home runs and Steve Jobs was just dishing out iPhones.

It's been an amazing seven years?!

Yes the last time was the start of the 2010 season when Josh Freeman was your quarterback and Earnest Graham and Mike Williams were your top playmakers.

A LONG time ago.....

These Bucs are poised to break the skid Sunday in Minnesota and build off an impressive opening game--unlike last year's team who looked great opening up with a great win at Atlanta, only to drop its next three.

Did I say last year? Warning---not a popular two words in the Buccos locker room.

The usual jovial Gerald McCoy routinely answers questions with the best of them but I struck a nerve this week when I asked the Bucs All-Pro Defensive Tackle if the team learned anything from last year's early slide after an great opening victory?

"I knew that was comin, I was waiting for it," McCoy laughed when I asked him the question. "The question came a lot later than I had planned."

That's when McCoy fired back a message that seems to permeate throughout his locker room.

"Last year was last year"

These Bucs are making it clear it's a new season--we will find out shortly if this will be a new team.


*GET JACKSON SOME ACTION : You Bucs fans are impatient, DeSean Jackson has only been in town a few months and you know if he doesn't get the ball soon, you're gonna have an upset veteran in the huddle---time for Jameis to start finding his biggest offseason toy for a few deep balls.

*ALEXANDER "OUT"/BECKWITH "IN" : The Bucs D came out firing in the opener but this week did a lot of healing. Leading the injury report is middle linebacker Kwon Alexander has been ruled out with a hamstring injury in week two---time to pay even more attention to rookie Kendell Beckwith who has more than handled everything thrown his way dating back to the start of camp.

*BARBER SHOP: The Bucs have seen plenty of highlights from the name Barber on defense over the years--this week it would be good to see more chances for backup running back Peyton Barber to shine. In the opener he had the team's longest run (14 yards) and averaged a team high 4.7 per carry---would like to see what he can do with more carries.

PREDICTION: As good as the Bucs were in the opener, for me it was masked by sloppy play from a bad Bears team. I think the offense plays better up in Minnesota but they return home with a 27-24 loss.

EXTRA POINTS: Thanks to the Bucs Communications staff for this Fun Fact---

Buccaneers WR DeSean Jackson has scored 53 career touchdowns. The average length of his touchdowns is 46.1 yards, the highest in NFL history for any players with at least 50 career touchdowns.


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