Mock Drafts are ridiculous, off base and always wrong----so here is my Bucs Mock Draft!

They call them Mock Drafts.

Oh the Irony....

Is there anything in sports that is more deserving of mockery...? These collective guesses have the success rate of most young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Trust me, I love the NFL Draft as much as anybody and I can't get enough of the hype but I'm the ultimate hypocrite--- I devour these mocks knowing most are complete nonsense. Maybe you can equate it to those who constantly buy those tabloids at your local grocery store even though they know everything they're digesting is utter insanity.

The NFL Draft is the football version of the National Enquirer----lots of great headlines but hardly any facts.

Who will the Bucs pick? I have no idea, but I'm not alone--nobody else does either, not even those Bucs. The draft is always unpredictable but this one is crazier than most.

That doesn't mean it's not fun to take a stab at it, so here goes.....

I could tell you maybe Quenton Nelson if he falls their way, more likely a Denzel Ward, a Minkah Fitzpatrick or possibly a Derwin James---the best bet for me though would be none of the above where GM Jason Licht may be better off trading down. It's what this team needs the most as more picks fill more needs and this team has plenty.

If I'm the Bucs, and the scenarios play out as we expect (again a dangerous notion) the likes of Bradley Chubb and Quenton Nelson are gone----I would trade down just a bit where they still can get a Ward, Fitzpatrick or James type secondary talent plus the all important extra draft pick they so desperately need after losing it's third rounder in the JPP Deal.

What about Saquon Barkley you say? What if he falls in the Bucs lap at seven? That's gonna make this draft really fun. I gotta think Jason Licht can't pass him up but you never know what kind of offer he may get.

Barkley would fill a huge need but the chance to trade down and get a top line secondary player and then pick a running back in the second round isn't a bad option--this draft is loaded with running backs, one of the best classes we've seen in years--the Tampa Bay timing couldn't be better.

So much suspense, yet so many lies and so many mock drafts.

Oh back to me being a hypocrite---sure I mocked the mocks but I can't help myself. Once in a while you get lucky and win your NCAA pool--let's see if it applies to my mini--Mock in one of the craziest drafts we've seen in recent memory

(1) Browns QB Sam Darnold ---I'm hearing the Baker Mayfield rumors but that's a smokescreen--by all accounts Darnold is the best of this log jammed QB bunch---let's see if he can save Cleveland. All the best Sammy....

(2) Giants RB Saquon Barkley---Unlike the Bucs, the Giants have less questions on defense and can afford to go all in on a player they are saying is once in a generation. Buyer Beware though---they said the same thing about Reggie Bush and while he had a good career it didn't live up to being the second overall selection.

(3) Jets QB Josh Rosen---I keep hearing Baker Mayfield in this spot and wouldn't it be fun to have this guy in the Big Apple but for some reason at the end of the day, Rosen is the choice here---he's more pro ready and the Jets know it.

(4) Browns DL Bradley Chubb---Keep your picks Cleveland where you have your franchise quarterback and now you have the marquee defensive lineman in this draft to complement Myles Garrett---the Brownies stock is rising!

(5) Broncos (trade down with Bills) QB Baker Mayfield---John Elway said he wanted to deal and he does as Buffalo wants in on the quarterback fun and lands Mayfield who winds up in the state of New York--just Buffalo not NYC.

(6) Colts OL Quenton Nelson---this one keeps every pewter pirate fan on the edge of his or her seat. Indy considers going with defense but at the end of the day, they take the ole best player available while also knowing they have to protect Andrew Luck better. Nelson is the real deal and can do that.

(7) Bucs (trade down with Dolphins for the 11th selection) How about your unexpected Sunshine State Switcheroo--- the Fish wanted Josh Rosen but settle for the other Josh "Allen." Tampa Bay gets the 11th pick and acquires an additional second round selection too. Licht also has a feeling his man will be waiting for him at 11)

(8) Bears DB Denzel Ward---the best player available, the best corner available--would have been a great fit for the Bucs but they're man is still on the board.

(9) Niners LB Tremaine Edwards---for the second straight year GM John Lynch goes linebacker in the first round. With Reuben Foster's troubles--Edwards is the perfect insurance policy.

(10) Raiders DE Vita Vea--Jon Gruden doesn't go offense in his first draft back in Oakland but lands a big man in the middle who will help the Raiders' D immediately.

(11) Bucs (drum roll please)....... CB Minkah Fitzpatrick---they go back and forth with Fitzpatrick and Derwin James but in the end Fitzpatrick is the more versatile and the safer pick even though I think James will be a great pro too......


(photo courtesy Draft Sharks)

(38) RB Nick Chubb---some years Chubb would be a first rounder but this draft is littered with talent so he falls to the Bucs in the second round.

No Tampa Bay didn't get Barkley, (the other Chubb) or Nelson but they filled two huge needs in Fitzpatrick and Chubb plus have an extra second round pick---that is a great scenario for a team that Jason Licht recently said is closer to being a contender than some people think.

What do you think of this Mock Draft??? Please weigh in with yours---even though none of us know---you gotta admit it's fun to play along.....


Mike Nabors


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